How Long Does It Take to Learn English?

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How Long Does It Take to Learn English
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Learning English is important because it can open up a lot of doors. As a language, English is spoken in some form or another by more than one billion people.

Some of those people are native speakers and others are people who have chosen to learn English as their second language.

Remember that English is the official language of more than fifty countries, meaning that it can make taking trips around the world a much nicer experience.

How long does it take to learn English?

English is a language that millions of people want to learn, but a lot of people don’t really have the time to learn a language. Unfortunately, no one can tell you exactly how long it will take you to learn English, no matter how much we would love to be able to.

When it comes to learning a language, your own attitude determines how long it will take you learn. For example, if you are highly motivated, then it is likely that you would learn English much quicker than someone who lacked motivation. The same could be said for learning styles, where some people simply pick up things quicker than others.

One thing to consider is whether or not you have previously learned English. If you have learned English before, but you have forgotten how to speak it, then it is highly likely that you would learn to speak English very quickly. The facts that you previously knew are still stored in your long-term memory, they just need to be found again.

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How can you speed the process up?

While the speed at which you can learn English is determined by your own attitude towards learning a language, there are some things that you can do to speed the process up a lot. They include:

Go to English classes

Have a look around your local area and try to see if there are any English classes that you can go to. Working as part of a group is important because it motivates you and it can introduce you to people you could work with on other days of the week.

If you cannot access a physical class, then you could consider using a piece of software like EnglishClass101. EnglishClass101 is a fantastic option because it is free, and it gives you a lot of culturally relevant pieces of information. It can also be accessed via a mobile application so that you can learn English while you are on the go.

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Get a private English tutor

Working as part of a group is good, but getting a private English tutor is even better. A private tutor will be able to praise you for your efforts, spot areas of concern and give you some new tasks that will help you progress quicker than you otherwise would. Statistically, working with a private teacher is known to accelerate your studies and give you better results that you can be proud of.

Chances are, there will be private English tutors near where you live, but if there are not, then you could consider an online private tutor. One thing that you have to remember is that these are people who are highly experienced when it comes to teaching people English and they will already have an idea of the techniques that will and will not work.

Practice as often as possible

Practice as often as possible

People who are highly motivated when it comes to learning a language often do better than people who are not. One of the things that they tend to do differently is that they practice as often as they can. The more you can practice English, the quicker you will be able to speak English fluently.

You should also practice reading and writing. Reading and writing are important because they can both teach you a lot about sentence structure in the English language and things are often absorbed quicker when they are not simply said out loud. Unfortunately, practicing for ten hours a day once a month will not help you learn English quicker. Your studies need to be frequent.

Work out what works for you

Not everyone learns in the same way. Some people need visual stimuli, other people need a written stimulus and there are people out there who physically need another person to explain things to them in detail. None of those methods are wrong – they are all right. This is because the best way for you to learn is the way that you should be learning and the way that you will learn to speak English fast.

Learn some common words

Words like “the,” “and,” “to” and “is” are used frequently in the English language. So frequently in fact that you should make sure that you devote some time to learning them all and making sure that you know how to use them. You should consider them to be the very foundation of the English language, and a house without a good foundation would simply fall down.

Know exactly why you would like to learn English

If you are struggling to get motivated, then you should sit back and work out exactly why you want to learn English. Finding this thought can give you something to really focus on and it can help build your motivation. If the reason that you want to learn English is something that can only happen when you know how to speak English, then you should find yourself studying more in order to learn the language as quickly as possible.


Remember, only you can control just how quickly you learn English. Get yourself to a group class, do EnglishClass101 lessons online, get yourself a private tutor and practice as often as possible to make sure that you succeed. If you stop practicing, then you will also stop learning. Remember, what works for one person might not work for you, so you should try as many different things as possible until you find something that sticks.

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